A Surprise in North York

16GraceHoneymoonIn North York (Toronto), recently, I was surprised to meet someone who was familiar with the geographical area around Wellman’s Corners. He chatted with me before my talk to the North York Historical Society, identifying himself as an antique car collector.
Some years ago, he happened to be in the general store at Wellman’s Corners and noticed a 1921 vehicle nearby. He chatted with its owner and ended up buying and restoring it. As he talked, I could visualize the setting in the 1950s and 1960s. Obviously, he knew it well and I was curious to learn whether he had a family connection to the community.
His answer was yes – through marriage. Though he lived in Toronto and met his wife there, his mother-in-law had lived near Sine, about four miles from Wellman’s. For many years, he visited the area frequently.
I asked if he could identify the car pictured in the photo (above) in my book. I had tried, unsuccessfully, to discover its make for the photo caption. After consulting with a colleague, he suggested it was a 1933 Chevy. The photo and the car are from Grace and Burton’s honeymoon in 1937.

Millie Morton