What Readers Tell Me

Mille - BrightonStories are memories that must be shared with the Universe  because if they aren’t  the Universe becomes a much smaller place
Drew Hayden Taylor, Canadian Ojibwa author and storyteller

In recent months I’ve received numerous letters from readers. A few were from Grace’s former students. Others appeared out of the blue from people who didn’t know Grace. All have added to my own joy in 2014.
I’ve shared a couple of reader comments below and added others to the What Readers Say page of this website. I appreciate all reader thoughts. Thanks to all of you and warm wishes for a happy holiday season.
After reading your delightful book Grace, I feel I must know you. I am a “little old lady” of 90 who attended a one-room school a long time ago. The school was startlingly like the school where Grace began her career – though mine was 25 miles from Brockville. I wish I could have known her. Your stories about teaching in a one-room school were so real and poignant to me.
When I was (Grace’s) pupil, she opened the door to learning for me. . . . Most days I couldn’t wait to go home and share what I had learned. Mrs. Morton was so passionate about teaching and life. I saw her strength and determination. She stood up for what she believed in.
As for the hibiscus, I have a large pink one too. I have had it for many years. It has become symbolic for me. . . . The delicate blooms remind me to be kind and compassionate to myself and others. The flowers don’t last – remind me how short life is.
Stratford, Ontario
I have so enjoyed Grace. So much of her story was very similar to my own parents’ lives. Such strength of character, deep faith and love of humanity. How very fortunate we are to have had such wonderful examples to live up to. A favourite saying of my grandma was, “So many words, so many deeds, so many different creeds, when just the art of being kind is all this sad world needs.”
South Cotswolds, England
For more reader comments see the website page entitled What Readers Say.


2 thoughts on “What Readers Tell Me

  1. Jim Towns

    My name is Jim I went to the one room school house in1961. When I was in the foster care for a while I stayed with Gerald and Verna Clancy family. The school was right at the end of the farm laneway. Was the best time of my life.

    Thanks for sharing this. You must have gone to Wellman’s School (see my post entitled Wellman’s Corners). Do you still live in the area?

  2. karinsuezen28


    Glad that I have you here, want to touch base about next year and speaking to our Historical Society.

    Response: I’ll be in touch with you by email. Thanks for inviting me.


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