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Grace Morton One Room SchoolsGrace loved flowers and her hibiscus plant became part of her story. In different cultures it symbolizes delicate beauty, courage, honour, and immortality.

Grace: a teacher’s life, one-room schools, and a century of change in Ontario is 246 pages in length with 40 photos and illustrations, including Grace’s first teaching contract (1928) and an inspector’s report (1935). It sells for $25.00 and is available by ordering through this website or through several independent bookstores, including:
Novel Idea in Kingston
Books & Company in Picton
Kerr’s Corner Books in Campbellford
Lighthouse Books in Brighton
The Bookshelf in Guelph
To find out if the book is available in another bookstore near you, or to order an autographed copy of Grace through this website, please scroll down to leave a reply below or email your request to: infobridge[at]bell[dot]net.
(Your email will not be published.) 


13 thoughts on “To Order

  1. Catherine Buchanan

    Hello Millie,

    I got started on this search in an attempt to identify some ladies in an old photo. My mother-in-law had mentioned Grace Morton to me years ago and I now have her poetry book, “Country Views”, published in 1976. I might as well order yours!

    Catherine Buchanan, Airdrie, Alberta

  2. Evelyn Van Schepen

    I am wondering if this book is still available? If so, I would like to order a copy.
    I have read it – wonderful story of the one room school – I attended one as well, and it brought back many memories of that time.

    Yes, the book is available by post and from several independent bookstores. I’ll reply by email with details. Thanks for your interest.

  3. Donna Roulston

    I would like to order a copy. I live in London, On area. I would like it for my mother. She went to Normal school and is now 99 and taught in a one room school.

    Hi Donna,
    Thanks for your order. I’ll communicate with you by email and mail you a book.

  4. Richard M. Hughes

    Millie. This is Richard Hughes of the Hastings County Historical Society. We would like to order some copies of A Teacher’s Life. We have sold out of the supply we had earlier. Would you contact me so we can make arrangements for a further purchase.

    Hi Richard,
    Thanks for being in touch again — and thanks for your comments on my book. I will deliver the books, as agreed. I’m pleased the Historical Society is making my book available in Belleville.

  5. Marilyn Kelley

    I live in Stirling, Ontario and would like to purchase a copy of Grace. Please advise.
    Reply: My book is available in the gift shop at Farmtown Park in Stirling.

  6. Stewart Goodings

    Anywhere on Vancouver Island where I could get a copy?
    Reply: Not yet. I’ll be in touch about mailing a copy directly

  7. Mary Dailey

    I just read the review of your book, Grace, in the RTO magazine and would like to purchase a copy. I live near Sarnia, ON. Could you send me information on where to buy a copy or can I get an autographed copy directly from you? Thank you.

    Reply: Copy mailed directly. Thanks.

  8. Tracey Nastasiuk

    Would like to order “Grace”. We live in Barrie. Thanks

    Reply: Thanks for your interest. I’ve sent an email detailing how to purchase a book.

  9. Mary Norman

    I have read the book and really enjoyed it. Both my mother and grandmother were teachers in one-room school. I am from Sidney Township, Hastings County and so know a lot of the people mentioned in the book.
    I would like to order a copy of the book for my friend who lived in Rawdon Township and knew Grace from the church, and even participated in one of the pie social theatrical events.
    Thank you.
    Mary (Wilman) Norman

    Response: Thanks, Mary. Email sent with details on how to receive a copy by post (or from selected independent bookstores in the area).

  10. Donna Spencer

    Would like to purchase a copy of the book for a former students for Christmas. Where can the book be purchased?

    Answer: It’s available at Novel Idea, 156 Princess St, Kingston, and several other independent bookstores. Also, I can send copies through the mail. Send a note through one of the reply boxes and I’ll let you know whether it’s available near you.

    1. Adriana

      I would like to buy the book for my mother in law, who was a teacher all her life. Can we find it in Montreal? Thank you,

      Answer: I would be pleased to post the book to you.

  11. Gina Ritchie

    Would love to purchase a copy of your book.

    Please send an address to send payment along with the total.
    Thank you

    Gina Ritchie, Verona


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